Crochet Stitch Summary Chart

Hopefully my step by step guide to crochet stitches has helped you in your happy hooking journey!

I’ve summarise these stitch techniques into a chart to help as a quick reminder.

Anyone for crochet? The half treble (UK) or half double (US) stitch.

This ‘half’ business sounds complicated doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s fine. The steps below will have you half trebling (if you’re using UK terminology; abbreviation = htr) or half doubling (for our US hookers; abbreviation = hdb) in no time! The fabric produced with this stitch is great for baby garments as it is still firm like the UK double (US single), but a little softer to touch.

1. Once you’ve made your foundation chain, wrap your yarn around your hook then insert it into the 3rd chain from the hook.

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