Autumnal Halloween Harvest Crochet Pumpkin – tried and tested

I have recently tried out my first amigurumi makes – a cute Halloween Pumpkin. It’s based on the instructions in Annie Obaachan’s “Scary Cute” book which are really easy to follow – I have also put together this ‘tried and tested’ guide to help if you fancy a try.

As the pumpkin is made from a straight piece of crochet, it starts with a simple starting chain.

The ribbed pattern which forms the pumpkin skin is created by working a sequence of UK double (US single) and UK half treble (US half double) stitches into the back loops of your crochet.

The pumpkin is really quick to make as you need less than 30 rows…….

…..before it’s time to join your edges.

Form the ball by threading the yarn through the sides of your work and pull in to create the shape.

Pop in your toy stuffing and close the other end.

Create the stalk by working your UK double crochet stitches into a magic ring

and work short 3 stitch chains into each double stitch twice.

Once your wobbly stalk is formed, all you have left to do is join it to your fruit and you’ll have an everlasting pumpkin perfect for your autumnal Harvest or Halloween celebrations!


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