The Making of my ‘Attic 24 Ripple’ Blanket

I have long admired the waves of Lucy’s Attic 24 Neat Ripple blanket and how the colours calmly snuggle together to make you feel all cosy. My Attic 24 Ripple Blanket Continue reading

Making Bridget the Elephant from Edward’s Menagerie

Edwards Menagerie BookEdward’s Menagerie contains a myriad of adorable crochet animal patterns within its pages.

Although all the animals in Edward’s Menagerie are crocheted out of TOFT alpaca yarn as this is my first attempt at making one of these little cuties I thought I would see how a cheaper alternative (double-knit acrylic yarn) would work.

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Knitted Faux Taxidermy Workshop with Sincerely Louise

It’s been a few weeks since Unravel and I’ve finally found time to write a post about my Knitted Faux Taxidermy Bear that I started during Louise Walkers (Sincerely Louise) workshop.

I’ve named by knitted bear Mimi and due to her overly stuffed nature she has gained what I can only describe as a cuddly teddy bear (as opposed to wild bear) appearance.

Mimi the knitted faux taxidermy bear Sincerely Louise workshop makeMini the knitted faux taxidermy bear Sincerely Louise workshop make

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A Woolly Wonderland @ Unravel

unravel review the stitch sharerThis time last weekend I was immersed in the Woolly Wonderland of Unravel.

It’s the first time I’ve been to this inspiring annual knitting festival at Farnham Maltings  – what struck me most was the personal and friendly approach that surrounded the whole event.

Around the venue were hundreds of luggage tags where you could leave your own knitting message of “I knit because….” to share with fellow knitters and yarn enthusiasts.

Even this knitted cactus couldn’t escape!

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Celebrate St David’s Day by Making a Paper Double-Daffodil

Happy St David’s Day!Paper double daffodil the stitch sharer

How about celebrating St David’s Day (1st March) by making yourself a tissue paper double-daffodil? Incase you’re wondering a double-daffodil has extra petals so it looks rather like a carnation.

The instructions in my last post for paper peony flowers are easy to adapt – remember to check them out first to understand the basic concept of how to make a tissue paper flower.

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