Anyone for crochet? The treble (UK) or double (US) stitch

If you are like me and like your work to grow fast, you are going to love this stitch. It is quite soft and has a more open pattern so it’s great for clothes and accessories.

1. Once you have made your foundation chain, wrap your yarn around your hook.

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Anyone for crochet? The Double (UK) or Single (US) Stitch

As you will of probably guessed from the title, in the UK we call this a double stitch (abbreviation = dc) and our US friends call it a single stitch (abbreviation = sc). This stitch makes a firm, dense fabric which is why it’s good for making toys and containers. Continue reading

Anyone for crochet? The Slip Stitch

The Slip Stitch is the shortest crochet stitch and is used to join in new yarn, turn chain stitches into foundation rings and for moving ‘invisibly’ across your piece of work to get your yarn to where you want it.

It’s pretty similar to the chain stitch so you should have it mastered in no time! Continue reading

Anyone for crochet? The chain stitch.

The chain stitch (abbreviation = ch) is used to create the base or foundation of your work. Once you have chained your stitches you can use them as they are to crochet in rows or join them with a slip stitch into a foundation ring to crochet in a circle. You need to work this loosely enough so that your hook can enter each chain easily.

1.The first thing you will need on your hook is a slip knot.

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Anyone for crochet?

I’ve recently learnt to crochet and I LOVE IT!  For me, it’s about only having to have one stitch on your hook at anytime and the creative freedom it gives as you can choose what where you want to add your next stitch.

The biggest hurdle I had to get my head around was the fact that us Brits and our hooky friends in the US use different names for the same stitch – something I found a trifle confusing! Continue reading